Lower project cost/mortgage obligation allows more attainable rental rates.

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A New Concept for Chester County

The Concept

Fund established to help encourage more attainable Chester County housing projects, including property rehabs and new construction

  • Fund will not develop or manage properties
  • Lower project cost/mortgage obligation allows more attainable rental rates or housing units
  • Could be used by small to mid-sized non-profits organizations in Chester County currently developing or providing attainable housing projects

Set up fund through the Chester County Community Foundation (CCCF)

  • CCCF administers/invests/provides marketing advantages
  • Invested based on CCCF guidelines/process
  • Broader audience, increasing number of potential donors
  • Brings a private funding component to what are currently only governmental incentives


Most development focused on high-end market, but safe attainable housing needed for workforce.



  • Chester County only
  • New construction or re-development/rehab of existing properties
  • Projects in line with the Chester County Planning Commissions A+ Housing Program: Attractive, Adaptable, Affordably-priced, Aging-friendly, Accessible

Funding Recipients

  • Development companies or other organizations, for example Community Land Trusts, creating attainable housing projects
  • Applicants will have 501c3 designation
  • Fund shall not act as developer, administrator or lessor for any properties

Specific Populations – Guiding principle: attainable housing for everyone

  • Residents who qualify for Housing Choice Vouchers (income below 50% of Average Median Income).
  • The “Missing Middle” (those who do not qualify for assistance), including essential workers, young professionals, first time homeowners, seniors

Grant/Loan Amounts

  • Up to 20% of fund balance can be granted in any year; may be more if making loans
  • Fund could be utilized for grants and/or revolving loans:
    • For example, loans for property purchases/infrastructure work
    • Interest rate and repayment terms set by Board of Advisors based on the project
    • Loan option would differentiate this fund from most others available
    • Application process and scoring to be developed by a Board subcommittee comprised of subject matter experts

The Process

  • Applications for grants and loans solicited quarterly
  • Applications reviewed by a Grant Process Committee which recommends action to the Board of Advisors
  • Advisory Board approves grants and loans
  • Coming Soon: Application guidelines and forms on this website

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