Lower project cost/mortgage obligation allows more attainable rental rates.

How You Can Help

Make an everlasting, positive difference in your community

Why donate?

The availability of a dedicated attainable housing fund for Chester County, managed by the Chester County Community Foundation, creates strong impact for donors through pooling resources and a streamlined efficient process for projects seeking funding. A one stop shop.

Attainable housing improves an employer’s ability to attract and retain employees and remain competitive.

Everyone in the attainable housing equation benefits from its creation and preservation…from those looking for housing they can afford, the local businesses that serve them, and the development teams that provide the housing that helps keep a community vibrant and prosperous.

Contributing to the attainable housing fund is a testament to improving quality of life and livelihood for all Chester County residents.

Attainable housing leads to stabilization of housing values, new tax revenues, along with other economic investments in a neighborhood.

Access to decent, attainable housing provides stability for vulnerable families and helps prevent homelessness and strain on social services.

Most development focused on high-end market, but safe attainable housing needed for workforce.

Benefits Of Donating

  • Charitable contribution – the New Beginnings Attainable Housing Fund is a fund of the Chester County Community Foundation, a public tax exempt charity
  • Ability to combine financial resources with like minded donors to have a larger financial impact for a vetted attainable housing project
  • Donations can be designated to be deployed for attainable housing projects within specific geographic areas of Chester County
  • For Banking institutions, grants may qualify for CRA investments and available tax credit programs
  • For business entities, the issue of affordable housing is key to the ability to attract and retain workforces.
  • Recognition will be given to all donors and the result of your donation is concrete and demonstrable.

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Make a Donation

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